Dear Woodbury Community Church Family,
We’re so excited to be hosting our Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser for the 4th year in a row, October 15-31, 2018!  And this year, it has a crystal clear purpose: to help WCC connect with and bless our community!  One of the things we’ve enjoyed about this event is getting to know our neighbors. But we’ve felt there’s more we can do to make this event a true blessing to the community.  That’s why we’ve decided to give all the proceeds this year to Lake Middle School and Middleton Elementary.  We strongly believe that as a church, we are meant to do our part to help make a positive impact in our community. And we’re excited to get to partner with our schools across the street to help meet needs and support our kids!
This project now has new life and fresh purpose.  And more than ever before, we’ll be counting on an energized army of volunteers to accomplish our goals.  We’d like to invite you to be a part of this in October.
God Bless,
Darrin Geier
Associate Pastor, Woodbury Community Church
P.S. Please keep Sunday afternoon, October 14th open on your calendar. Following church that morning, the semi truck will be arriving to deliver our 1600 pumpkins! We’ll need you and your family to help us unload!






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